D3 Golf Series B
Dollar Dollar Dollar Inc.


In 2018, we had a crazy idea to build an app that could handle our side
bets when we played golf at different courses. Fun idea, but very
complicated if you think about all the steps that go into a something
like this.

Fast forward to 2020, the year it all came together. We not only built
the app, but it evolved into a full platform to create peer-to-peer
challenges where you can invite players, create a legal agreement, take
in real money, bank the money, manage the side game, and determine
winners and losers. And these challenges work whether you play
together, in person, or apart, at different courses.

Now it’s time to grow internationally, fast. If you’re interested in helping
us scale our worldwide expansion, we’d like to hear from you. We are
looking for experienced investors in Saas, eSports, Gaming, and other
transformative industries – and for people that are not afraid to break
the old norms to create a more exciting way to play.

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Tom Naramore Co-Founder/CEO
Donald Boeding Board Chaiman
Scott Keith VP Marketing/Branding
Peter Meng VP Innovation
Nick O'Hern Board Member/PGA Tour Pro
Alyson Johnson Marketing & Advertising
LeslieAnne Wade Strategic Communications & Media

Professional Services

DLA Piper LLP Corporate Legal Council
David A. Richardson (916) 930-3256 david.richardson@us.dlapiper.com https://www.dlapiper.com/en/us/
TSEVO LLC Player ID Verification Compliance
JD Garner (832) 701-0202 jd.garner@tsevo.com http://www.tsevo.com
Financial and Back Office Industry Fintech
Sandy Fliderman 954-790-6333 sandy@industryft.com https://industryft.com/
Transfer Agent Tribexa Transfer LLC
Joseph Latona 954-790-6333 info@tribexatransfer.com https://www.tribexatransfer.com/